What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a culmination of methods that gives your Website higher organic rank. What does this mean? The higher you rank the better the chance your website will be found on Google or other Search Engines. 

What are some of these Methods?

1) Business Listing Sites: Submitting Your Business information and domain to the highest ranking Business Listing Sites, will give your website more relevance and credibility, thereby boosting your rank. This is a one time process, and does not need to be repeated, unless the company moves or makes a drastic change. 

2) Using WordPress Plugins to Index your Website. Creating Pages, Blog Posts, or even Products are a great way to increase your overall websites Index. We can then create substantial Metadata for each page, post, or product and enter this information for All Search Engines to record. The more content being produced, the higher the chance your product or post could hit a Google Search Keyword. 

3) Sharing Your Websites Index Across Social Media. Sharing Content and URL’s from the website across Social Media Platforms will only boost that specific pages relevance, thereby increasing your websites overall chances of being found in search results, and increasing your overall rank. 

4) Having Content on other Websites – Blog Articles, Cross-posting, News & Media, Press. 

5) Having your Website Optimized: SSL Certificates, Titles & Headlines, Installing Google Tracking and Tags, Sync with Google Search Console/Google My Business, increase load up times, compress images, php versions, mobile and tablet friendly design, keyword planning and more.

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